Yev Studios | 5 Things to Look for in a Wedding Venue

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Of course, one of the most important aspects of booking a wedding venue (or any wedding vendor for that matter) is the budget. However, as you're searching THE spot, here are some things to think about....from a photographer's point of view!

[ Examples listed from local Shenandoah Valley venues in Virginia. ]


1] Bridal & Groom's Suites

Most wedding venues have a bridal suite, which is awesome! Just make sure it's spacious enough for your whole bridal party as well as has good lighting! Another thing to consider is does the venue have a groom's suite for the groom and his gang to get ready? It's very convenient if the guys are there to be able to have photos of them getting ready, as well as capturing the groom's detail shots.


Spacious bridal suite at Crosskeys Vineyard with lots of natural light for detail and prep shots

(C)Yev Studios (C)Yev Studios


Grooms' suite at Bluestone Vineyard on separate floor than bridal suite

(C)Yev Studios (C)Yev Studios



2] Rain back-up plan

It happens - rain! Make sure there's a plan B if it does.


Outdoors, yet, beautiful out-of-the-rain ceremony location at Cross Keys Barn


3] Ceremony Location Light & Time

Another thing to consider is what kind of light is at your ceremony location at the time of your ceremony? Preferably, there shouldn't be any harsh sunlight beaming down on you and your guests. This can be a bit tricky, but it's possible!


Beautiful shade behind Joshua Wilton House during ceremony hours


4] Portrait Spots

This goes without saying, make sure your venue has a few good spots to take your wedding portraits. Whether it's mountains, trees, pretty buildings, etc. These are the photos you will most likely print to hang on your walls. Of course, many venues can have a multitude of various backgrounds. That's always a plus, but make sure there is at least one or two good locations!


Epic mountain views at Crosskeys Vineyard


Gorgeous fields and mountains On Sunny Slope Farm

(C)Yev Studios


Such beautiful, rustic stone bridge and building at Melrose Caverns


Fun city views and buildings in Staunton at The American Hotel

(C)Yev Studios (C)Yev Studios


Lovely sunset glow over fields at the Barn at Kline's Mill

(C)Yev Studios



5] Reception Lighting/Vibe

What kind of vibe are you going for at your reception? Do you want a dark and moody or bright and airy. Consider that as you're touring the reception space. Tents and buildings with lots of windows will give you a bright and airy look. Barns and buildings with minimal windows give off more of a dark, rustic look.


Lots of natural light at the Bluestone Vineyard

(C)Yev Studios

That rustic feeling and glow of lights at Cross Keys Barn



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