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I think one of the most fun things about a wedding is getting to choose a color scheme and design the different decorations for your big day! Your personality really shines through this, so make sure you go with what you absolutely love. Our wedding color schemes were a tiffany blue with a lime green. I know, what a crazy combination! Yet, our wedding florist, Tatiana Mankin did an amazing job putting it all together that was fun, yet classy all at the same time. Now that's what I call talent! If you're in the Massachusetts & Connecticut area, check her out!

So all of these examples are from our previous weddings. Granted, there's so much more you can choose from, but here are a few ideas to get your brain juices flowing. 



Pastel green with pop of light pink


Pastel purple with pop of dark purple (C)Yev Studios


Pastel blue with lavender touches


Dust pink with navy blue


Baby blue with bright summery flowers


Red with white & touch of magenta
(C)Yev Studios (C)Yev Studios


Gray with pop of purple & pink

(C)Yev Studios


Baby pink and hot pink

(C)Yev Studios


Emerald green with pink

Pastel green with coral

Baby pink with white 


Baby blue & navy with white

(C)Yev Studios


Black with pop of color



Burgundy with navy blue


Light pink with navy blue


Gray with white

(if you're not a fan of color) (C)Yev Studios


Cream & brown with pop of orange

(C)Yev Studios (C)Yev Studios


Purple, turquoise, magenta, and cobalt blue

(if you LOVE color!)


Red with pop of yellow 

(for fall)

(C)Yev Studios


Red with white

(for winter)

(C)Yev Studios


P.S. the name of colors are made up by me, and not official names (but maybe they are?!). I just hope you were inspired!



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