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Wedding First Look | Virginia Wedding Photographer

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One of the most common questions I get asked as a wedding photographer is, "Should we do a first look?!"

From my own wedding, as well as shooting many weddings, I would say, "yes, Yes, and YES!"

My top 3 reasons to do so are...


#1 You have a private moment together.

At the ceremony you have everyone there, and there is just no time to enjoy the moment of seeing each other. But if you do a first look, you can laugh, cry, jump, do whatever WITHOUT having anyone interrupt. It's pretty amazing! You can choose to have others there, but you surely don't have to.


#2 There is more time for photos.

Once the ceremony is over, your family gathers around for pictures. If you've already had a first look, you already took a good amount of photos with your bridal party, so you knocked out a lot of pictures out of the way. 


#3 You can have a little break between ceremony and reception

And now that you knocked out all those photos, you can have a little breather after taking family photos and your "just married" session. There's a good chance you'll have time to even grab a drink and snack at cocktail hour before the reception starts. 


Enjoy some wonderful "first looks"!


Alyssa & Jason


Kortney & Cody


Michael & Angelina

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Nick & Joni

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Alex & Esther

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