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January 26, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Sometimes the "behind the scenes" shots are fun to look at. So here are some shots of us at work, doing what we love to do...


Yev shooting while Marta helps pose the wedding party

(c)Yevgeniy Podgayskiy

Photographers have happy smiles too!

(c)Yevgeniy Podgayskiy

With Taylor Farnsworth - the wedding coordinator On Sunny Slope Farm

(c)Yevgeniy Podgayskiy

What we do while waiting on clients? Take pictures of ourselves of course! (Marta typically ends up being in front of the camera)

And ducks...because there's ALWAYS ducks around! Yev loves shooting wildlife.


And here's more from our daily lives: The Life of Pods

Have a wonderful day! 





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